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College game day isn't just about football; it's a cultural phenomenon that transforms campuses into vibrant seas of school spirit and fashionable displays. Saturdays become a canvas for everyone to showcase their creativity and sense of style while supporting their favorite teams.

But which school does it best? We analyzed TikTok data to reveal which school is the most sought-after in terms of game day outfits. So while college football season is starting to ramp up on the field, it’s been decided who wins the championship for best dressed fans.

Title One

With a multitude of #OOTD’s and #GRWM’s, TikTok continually shapes new and trendy fashion trends. So it only made sense to get a pulse on the best dressed school on game day by analyzing which school is gaining the most traction on this popular social platform. After carefully analyzing hashtags for each school’s game day outfit, here’s the final say on which school people most want to see and emulate for their personal game day looks.

Best Dressed Graphic

Coming in first, we have Auburn at 1.6 million TikTok views, followed by Tennessee and Alabama- known for shaping fashion trends during the famous #BamaRush week. Close behind, we have LSU, Texas A&M, and Ole Miss. What’s something these top 6 schools have in common? They’re all in the SEC. The Southeastern Conference, known for its legendary performance on the field, is also the conference making the most waves for game day apparel.

Title Two

Speaking of conferences, as conference realignment chatter continues specifically for the 2024 season, it only made sense to do a conference analysis of college football fans as well. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough data to rank all the college football conferences, as some take game day outfits more seriously than others. Overall, we were able to rank three conferences for which schools are the best dressed on game day.

Best Dressed Conference Graphic

We already spoke about the SEC, but the ACC and Big 12 also can’t be ignored. Clemson takes the top spot in the ACC, followed by the University of Miami. And for the Big 12, UT Austin takes the top spot, followed by Baylor.

Title Three

Overall, TikTok significantly influences college game day outfit trends by serving as a dynamic platform for fans to showcase their unique fashion choices and creative styling.

Eye-catching videos featuring stylish game day ensembles, from spirited face paint to trendy team-themed apparel, spread rapidly across the platform, setting new trends and inspiring others. For fun, team-inspired looks for game day, check out the PRETTYLITTLETHING Game Day shop and keep an eye out for the PRETTYLITTLETHING college tour that may be coming this Fall to a school near you.

Title Four

We analyzed game day outfit hashtags for every university in the NCAA, included in the major conferences. Out of our analysis, we then ranked the schools by how many views each hashtag has on TikTok.