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Top Festival
Trends Of 2022

Festival season is just around the corner! Festival fashion is one of the world’s most-loved event styles, and here at PrettyLittleThing, we have combined Google search data, TikTok, and Instagram hashtags to reveal exactly what the top 2022 fashion trends are for this year’s music season.

Want to be ahead of the game and have the best festival outfits out of your group? Check out the top 20 trends and be the envy of your fellow festival-goers.

Rank Trend / Product Average Monthly SV Number of Insta # Number of TikTok # Views
2bucket hats3010001,500,000312,800,000
5leather jacket1650003,600,00097,500,000
6cowboy boots2460001,100,000237,200,000
7cross-body bag2010001,400,00019,600,000
8hot pants271001,800,00051,400,000
9knee high boots110000273,00049,900,000
11baseball cap495001,200,00018,900,000
12two piece set40500496,00037,500,000
13mini bags121001,200,00097,200,000
15belt bag33100598,00010,100,000
16glitter eyeshadow9900884,00036,400,000
17graphic t-shirt49500171,00020,600,000
18flannel shirt110000448,0004,600,000
19fedora hat90500290,0002,200,000

Y2K Style Leads the Way for Festival Season

We are seeing a lot of Y2K style coming back into mainstream fashion and it’s not stopping any time soon with tie-dye looks being the top fashion trend for 2022 festival fashion. With a huge 5.6 billion views on TikTok alone, the tie-dye trend is definitely one to rock this year. Remember those homemade tie-dye shirts? Time to dig them back out because tie-dye is going to be all the rage for festival season.

Bucket Hats are This Year’s Must-Have Festival Accessory

For the perfect festival look, we’d pair a top with denim shorts and the must-have accessory, a bucket hat. Bucket hats are the biggest accessory trend this year coming in at second place on the list, and what better way to nail two trends in one than a tie-dye bucket hat?

Channel Vanessa Vibes With Cowboy Boots and Kimonos

We’ve seen the likes of Vanessa Hudgens become known for her iconic Coachella styles with fans rushing to copy her looks whenever she posts a picture of her outfits. Well, now you can get ahead and make sure you’re on her level with your new list of the twenty top styles. The kimono is third on this list with 9.1 million hashtags on Insta, and Vanessa has proved that these remain the ultimate festival outerwear

Our favorites are bright patterns paired with block colors underneath to really make the kimono stand out in all its multi-colored glory. This is a trend we can really get behind and paired with the sixth biggest trend cowboy boots, you really will be channeling Vanessa vibes this festival season! Cowboy boots are a staple part of Vanessa’s festival wardrobe and we are more than happy to recreate her looks for ourselves.

BEuphoria Influences 2022 Festival Makeup

The rise of HBO’s huge hit show Euphoria has brought glitter eyeshadow firmly to our attention. The makeup in the show has been going viral all over the internet and TikTok, with #glittereyeshadow gaining over 36.5 million views and #EuphoriaMakeUp sitting with over 1.8 billion views. Glitter eye makeup is going to be a huge festival staple this year, so get stocked up on the most stunning glitter pigments to make sure you’re ready for all those Euphoria-inspired festival photoshoots!

Two-Piece Sets Make Top 20 Trends for 2022

No festival outfit is complete without a stand-out two-piece set. Co-ordinated and immediately stylish with matching top and bottoms, they have been festival staples for a long time and they are going to be even bigger this year. Better still, paired with the festival must-have bum bag to carry all your essentials in, you’ll be looking the most stylish out of your friend group

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We’ve created a ranking to look at the most popular festival trends by looking into the demand of average monthly search volume, the number of Instagram hashtags, and the number of Tiktok hashtag views for each trend/item. This data has then been used to create an overall ranking to gain insight into the most trending across all metrics.

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